Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plan Activities Tour d' Kudus

1st day
9-11 amTrip Magelang-Semarang
11-11.59 amRest @ SMG
12 amTake off from SMG
12.30-1.30 pmWisata @ Masjid Agung Demak, Lunch @ Alon-Alon
2 pmarrive @ Kudus, look for inn
2.30 pmGo to Colo
3-4.30 pmWisata @ Colo
5 pmarrive @ inn, bath, rest
6.30 pmGo to Mal Kudus, wisata @ Mal Kudus, having dine
8.30 pmnongkrong, but where?
10 pmback to inn, rest, have a nice dream..

2nd day
5 amwake up
5.30prepare for jogging
6-7 amjogging, having breakfast
7.30 amback to inn, bath
9.30-10 amWisata @ Museum Kretek
11 amWisata @ Plasa Kudus, lunch
12 amback to inn, check out
1 pmDhuhur pray and wisata @ Masjid Menara Kudus
2 pmlook 4 oleh oleh, back SMG
3 pmarrive @ SMG
4 pmback Magelang
6 pmarrive @ home
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Plan Going Kudus

For enjoying this year summer beginning, I wish to spend my time to Kudus city. I guess I need a friend for accompany me there and I feel I have found her. :p

I wish to use my weekend along Saturday to Sunday there. The trip is like below

Magelang – Semarang – Demak – Kudus

I just visited there for twice and I didn’t use my time for around the city so I want to come there and enjoy my visiting there.

Here is the estimation of money will be spent.

1. Gasoline

10 x 4500


2. Stay over a nite


3. Eating consumption

4 x 20000


4. Inassumption




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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet Anggie

Saturday, April 3rd 2010
First time I saw her on my trip to my grandma’s and when I turned back home, I was looking for my bandheman’s battery that is so difficult to find.
I just looked for along the Pemuda street on Magelang. And it was so hard to find. Then I entered the room of a phone market on Sriwijaya street.
I see a beautiful enough that used red bracelet on her left arm. And I always want to see her when I go and back office. Hehe
And today was a good moment that I spent to use my new trick to get woman.
I saw that she was keeping her counter and she just alone so I assembled my mental and then came to her.

Me : Hi. I am looking for the E61 battery. Is it available here?
Her : Oh. I am so sorry. The warehouse is not open yet.
Me : (suddenly there is a calling in)
Me : Hm, what about your friend? Last time with you here?
Her : she was resign.
Me : Hm.. Where do u live?
Her : @ K*****gading
Me: Oh, where is it the location?
Her : near the field.
Me : Oh I see. I have a friend there
Her : Who?
Me : He works for DISHUB office
Her : his name?
Me: ***
Her : I don’t know .. hehehe.
Me : Have you been so long worked here?
Her : just last 2 months.
Me : that is a short moments. Never feel boring anymore?
Her : Sometimes I feel….. huft
Me : don’t want to work other place?
Her : never mind yet…
Me: Hm.. Where is your Hi skul?
Her : 5 SHS..
Me : so you know my friend named V***?
Her : Sure. She was my classmate. V*** is a girl like a boy.. hahaha
Me : Oh. Really? Hahaha.. anyway, What is your name?
Her : Anggie.
Me : (shaking our hands) Hamid
(we are speaking about the battery and the BenQ Phones)
Her : where you are working?
Me : Kawatan Drugstore.
Her : Oh? What dept?
Me : I am on back office.
Her : ( no comment)
Me : Oh, my time is running out… Can I get ur mobile number?
Her: Show her mobile displayed her number : 0858********
Me : Mentari? ( I know but I just keep on asking.. hehe..)
Her : Yeah. Its so cheap I think.
Me : I think so.
Her : what about come here this afternoon?
Me : See my time..
Her : just come here if u need something….
Me : OK this all…………… I have to back work..
Her : OK
Me : thanks.
(shaking our hands and feel her smooth hand.. :p)

What do u think about her?

This is her pic on FB.. but now she has short nice hair.
Thanks God for today and thanks for
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