Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Some days ago, i see a beautiful girl with her mama visit my office's shop. She wear a pant of her knee long, hm, then I see that she was wearing a watch on her left hand, her hair was straigt,,
I think she is beautiful enough. And so I search for her info.. Actually, she is Ms. Sri's daughter that sell gudeg at Kawatan T-Junction every morning.......

Hm Hm Hm,

I want to know more about her, and i have found her facebook.. I added her as my friend but she have't confirm yet. Here some of her photo..

Her name is Irva Ade Vira Pratiwi, and now she studies at Gadjah Mada University.
Bro and sist, how do you think? Is she cute??

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Fitaria Rosiana at Education Office of Salatiga

Today, I was going Salatiga.
I remember that there is a beautiful girl clerk at Educ Office of Salatiga and I know that she comes back at 2 pm. So, in this my day, I intention to meet her and ask for her name and if can, ask for her phone number too.
I reached there at 1.40 pm, and so I had to wait for approx 20 minutes. But it will be okay.
at 2 pm, suddenly I knew that she had came out her office with her friend. She had crossed the way. My heart feels so peculiar, but I keep on my moving. And I brave to be myself then I came to her.

Me : Hi, do u remember me? (open my helmet)
Her : hmmm...
Me : Im mr. Sugeng's friend. We ever meet at ur office somedays ago.
Her : Oh yeah,..
Me : Intruduce my self . Hamid. U ? (shaking our hands)
Her : Fita
Me : Can I get ur phone number?
Her : Oh.. for what??
Me : let me message u,, hmm
Her : hemm.....
Me : Your facebook account?
Her : OK.
Me : What the name? please write on my mobile's
Her : (Writing her name) where's the space key?
Me : press 1 key, please
Her : I can't do it
Me : (Writing on my mobiles with her) Is this the real?
Her : OK, its very true of me
Me : thanks

after that, I can not stabillize my soul and I feel very have to go. So i just turn on my motor and go,,,

I really felt weirdo. But, I feel so happy. She studies at PGRI 2 VHS of Salatiga.
Can you see that she is cute?
I feel she is not cute enough of this her photo. But, the actually, she is so cute.. not same as her photo.. : p

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One Way at Jend Sudirman street, Salatiga

Today I was going to Salatiga. I had a duty to implement Fingertec at The State Hospital of Salatiga. My work walks so easy. It’s no any matter there.
Today, I knew that Jend Sudirman street was being one way started from today. I ride my motor from City Government office and now, at Kesambi intersection, we can’t go head. We have to turn left. So many polices were arranging the traffic there and also at Jend Soedirman street.
As you see in picture beneath, it is the different direction after today at Jend. Sudirman street and around it.

The purpose of this all is to reduce the traffic jam generally being along the Jend Sudirman street and as the main in Pasaraya I and Pasaraya II environments. Read More..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The B2503 Locomotive

The B2503 Locomotive

Can you see the upper bro and sist? This is B 2503 Locomotive that in the old times, when netherland in indonesian, it used to load passengers and kinds from Ambarawa to Bedono. The track is very special!
The railway used is a rack railway because the train has to pass the hill with 65 ' inclinating just in 42,3 Km's. It so fun isn't it?
After I browsed and i found that the cost much be paid for enjoying the trip is IDR 3.250.000 for 1 trip go and back. The trip is about 2 hours and the train uses steam force as the energy. So it load woods and waters..

Oh, I hope sometimes I can enjoy that trip...


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nothing to Post

Here, i just don't know what should I do for my blog
I'm so tired with my working and spend no times for updating my blog.

Another reason is, i never go out because its a rainy season, so i don't have many plan that will fill my blog..

Ok .. c U soon.. : -P Read More..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Move to english

Start from today, i will write all my blog in english. All stories, all articles, will be served in english.
So, please bring dictionary when you're visiting my blog. : D Read More..
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