Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Some days ago, i see a beautiful girl with her mama visit my office's shop. She wear a pant of her knee long, hm, then I see that she was wearing a watch on her left hand, her hair was straigt,,
I think she is beautiful enough. And so I search for her info.. Actually, she is Ms. Sri's daughter that sell gudeg at Kawatan T-Junction every morning.......

Hm Hm Hm,

I want to know more about her, and i have found her facebook.. I added her as my friend but she have't confirm yet. Here some of her photo..

Her name is Irva Ade Vira Pratiwi, and now she studies at Gadjah Mada University.
Bro and sist, how do you think? Is she cute??


  1. tau bgt ma ni ni anak..panggilannya vava.

  2. @ atas : weh, kamu tetangganya po?

    anyway thanks for visit and the comment :)

  3. @atas : heheh, ok ok.. thanks lah ya


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