Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Fitaria Rosiana at Education Office of Salatiga

Today, I was going Salatiga.
I remember that there is a beautiful girl clerk at Educ Office of Salatiga and I know that she comes back at 2 pm. So, in this my day, I intention to meet her and ask for her name and if can, ask for her phone number too.
I reached there at 1.40 pm, and so I had to wait for approx 20 minutes. But it will be okay.
at 2 pm, suddenly I knew that she had came out her office with her friend. She had crossed the way. My heart feels so peculiar, but I keep on my moving. And I brave to be myself then I came to her.

Me : Hi, do u remember me? (open my helmet)
Her : hmmm...
Me : Im mr. Sugeng's friend. We ever meet at ur office somedays ago.
Her : Oh yeah,..
Me : Intruduce my self . Hamid. U ? (shaking our hands)
Her : Fita
Me : Can I get ur phone number?
Her : Oh.. for what??
Me : let me message u,, hmm
Her : hemm.....
Me : Your facebook account?
Her : OK.
Me : What the name? please write on my mobile's
Her : (Writing her name) where's the space key?
Me : press 1 key, please
Her : I can't do it
Me : (Writing on my mobiles with her) Is this the real?
Her : OK, its very true of me
Me : thanks

after that, I can not stabillize my soul and I feel very have to go. So i just turn on my motor and go,,,

I really felt weirdo. But, I feel so happy. She studies at PGRI 2 VHS of Salatiga.
Can you see that she is cute?
I feel she is not cute enough of this her photo. But, the actually, she is so cute.. not same as her photo.. : p


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