Monday, February 15, 2010

One Way at Jend Sudirman street, Salatiga

Today I was going to Salatiga. I had a duty to implement Fingertec at The State Hospital of Salatiga. My work walks so easy. It’s no any matter there.
Today, I knew that Jend Sudirman street was being one way started from today. I ride my motor from City Government office and now, at Kesambi intersection, we can’t go head. We have to turn left. So many polices were arranging the traffic there and also at Jend Soedirman street.
As you see in picture beneath, it is the different direction after today at Jend. Sudirman street and around it.

The purpose of this all is to reduce the traffic jam generally being along the Jend Sudirman street and as the main in Pasaraya I and Pasaraya II environments.

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