Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bedroom on Tuesday, November 3rd 2009
Today I was going to Semarang. The Capital town of Central Java province. I had a duty to implemented a program of time attendance by fingerprint. I took off from Magelang town at 8.00 am. Filled the gasoline at Diponegoro Gasoline Store, 3 liters and went to Semarang. I enjoyed my traveling like usual. I just took a regular way. Yes, its just a way from Magelang to Semarang. And no more. Hehe.. I took Secang-Pringsurat-Jambu-Ambarawa-Bergas-Ungaran- and then arrived at the gate of Semarang at 9.30 am. I took the ways beneath : Perintis Kemerdekaan Street- Setiabudi Street- Teuku Umar Street- Wahidin Street- Sriwijaya Street- Mataram Street- Brigjend Katamso Street- and the last dr. Cipto Street and arrived at PT. Duta Cemerlang Motors at 10.00 am. I entered the room and met Susan. I saw the machine box that was terrible several days ago. I just needed a few time for repairing that. So, I promised to Susan for me to meet Diah. Then I repaired the box and just needed about 10 minutes long. After it, I went to Diah’s office then tried to load the program. But its wonderful work from them. I don’t need to make a new connection between the computer and the machine. It was all done. So I just tried and success. I trained Diah for using the program. I trained from zero to hero. Ha ha ha .. I mean from zero to the full of the materials. About two hours and I finished my job there. I thought to see a Lawang Sewu rehabilitation. I wanted to know when the working will be finished. But, actually I couldn’t see the text in front of it because it was covered by the zinc around. I took the way back home below : Pandanaran Street- Simpang Lima Sphere- Pahlawan Street – Diponegoro Street – Elizabeth Circle – Sultan Agung Street – Teuku Umar Street – Setiabudi Street – Perintis Kemerdekaan Street – and then took the way to Salatiga town. I had to send a case from Mitra Medika to Salatiga drugstore. So after Bawen bus station, I took the way to Solo. It through the Tuntang District and I took the lunch there. After it, I continued my traveling to Salatiga. I arrived at Salatiga about 1.45 pm. The street are crowded by the students. I fell so nice there. I could see the specific uniform of Salatiga girl students that most of them wear the skirt that upper their knees. I liked to see their knees. And their legs. I love them!!!! I love them very much!!I just wanted to send two tensocrapes but the staff was very not nice. So I cancelled it.I was very wanted to meet Eva. I wanted to see Eva closer. And the time was compromising with me. I messaged her and I saw her with her two friends at the sidewalk beside City Government office. I saw her and I fell that she was not too made me disappointed. But she met her teacher there, so I took a better place to meet her. I waited near the intersection. And no long time, she arrived and I met her. She was cute enough. She used a pink bracelet on her left hand. But, it was not good time. So we had to be apart. I love her very much! Thanks God for today!

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