Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet Rina @ Chicken Noodle beside PLN Magelang

Bedroom, January 23rd 2010

Today, was rather special. I went to work and I had to service my motor because that’s the schedule.

Huh, my work so hard, I had to finish so many works today. And at 1 pm, I took a break and went to the mosque. After I prayed, I’d like to eat chicken noodle beside PLN Magelang. I never eat there before. I see four smooth legs there and I was thinking that they’re Matahari’s employees. And I said that I ordered one. So I sat in front of them. And I was wondered!

It was Rina Idaman ParaMertua in front of me. The girl that I like to see when we’re face to face on the way, but, I never meet her before.

I feel peculiar in my deepest heart. But, I sure that it was her!

So, I greet her


And its real that its her! Hh, first, she didn’t know bout me, but she remember that I’m her friend on facebook.

She is so beautiful. And I love her legs very much!!

I Love today!

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