Monday, February 14, 2011

Purbalingga, January 7-8th 2011

Saturday, January 8th 2011
It was a cloudy day that my heart was cloudy too. And I wanted to tell her how i love her so I took that journey that I never thought that to be true. Saturday , I got off from the office at 3 pm, pray ashar and used my raincoat because it was hard rain. And I kept my steady to go Purbalingga.
I took off from Robotik Magelang and stop by Kawatan drugstore and at 3.30 pm thru Pemuda, Gatot Subroto Street, Pakelan, Tempuran, Salaman and goodbye to Magelang Regency. The rain was not stopped and I just could be patient did it all and welcome to Purworejo. I thought I could reach there ¾ hour but it was an hour. And urinated at Tentara Pelajar street, about 2 kms before the Purworejo bus station. I still used my raincoat through Kutoarjo, Butuh, Prembun, Kutowinangun, and arrived at Kebumen. The weather was not better. So I kept to use my raincoat to went Gombong and passed Sruweng and Karanganyar.
After Gombong, I really not memorize the way I had to pass. So I took my speculations and the rain was so and so hard. I thougt I had to full my gasoline. It was 12K and I really wanted to continue my way. Through the avenue I never passed by before. And met Sumpiuh, Banyumas Regency. I saw my watch showed the maghrib would come soon. I searched for a mosque or a gasoline station. And spent my time at 6.15 pm to had magrib pray at Sumpiuh gasoline station. My wears were wet all. I washed my face with ponds I brought from home. After it, the sky was became dark. I continued my traveling through the places I never understand before so I got Buntu Intersection. I had to turn right to Purwokerto like the sign I saw there. The avenue was not so good and still rain! I passed a hill that called beggar hills (bukit pengemis) because there will be many beggars in the noon. The road was down and entered Banyumas. There were an alon alon and an enough crowded small city. At RSUD Banyumas I asked to anyone there how I could get Purbalingga. I had to kept straight untill Sokaraja and then turn right.
OK, Sokaraja I was coming, there a Sugar Company and Indorizky. I had to turn right to Purbalingga. After some peculiar feelings, finally I got KABUPATEN PURBALINGGA!! I felt so spacious! I looked for roast meal for my small gifts. Hehe. Before I entered the city I bought a pack of roast meal and still rain! I asked for Karangmanyar and I know after Jenderal Sudirman’s statue, I had to turn right. OK, finally I arrived at Karangmanyar where the roads were broken anywhere after Kalikabong. I asked to a shop and someone gave me direction how to get Kantor Kelurahan. And I went so I met it. Met two peoples and they showed me Rina’s home.
I arrived! A big yard and green house in the corner of the village. I knocked the door and Rina’s mom intercepted me. I introduced my self
“Rina’s mom? I am Hamid from Magelang”
“yeah.. I am. Welcome and got sit here”
Rina seems startled and maybe not believe how I got there.
Rina made a glass of tea for me and roast jadah and also leave orange. (jeruk daun).
I apologized to her and she forgiven me. I was very happy. We were involved a funny talking until 10 pm. And not forgot, Rina was inviting me to had dinner with her.
Rina gave me change wear and I used it for sleep. A batik shorts and t shirt. I slept at the front bedroom where the paint was violet and I got my comfort sleeping. :)
Sunday is coming. I waked up at 5 am and messaged Rina for pray subuh together. After it was all done, we went to Goentore Darjono Stadium. The only one stadium at Purbalingga after Wasesa stadium now become a Segamas Market. It was a crowded place and so many people were spent the Sunday morning to had jogging, biking, and just taking walk. There were also many merchants. We were took around the stadium and bought CIRENG ISI (Aci Goreng Isi) that we never ate it before.
Finished our time at Goentoer Darjono, we head for Purbalingga City Park. It was ex. Purbalingga Market and now it is a Park in the middle of the town. It’s a beautiful park completed by a videotron like many cities. After it we went to Knalpot statue. The Purbalingga’s Landmark. :) hehe. It is a statue in the middle of a T-Junction and describes if that places is a Knalpot making sphere.
We around the city and met Goeteng Hospital and we went to Pasar Badog. It was a morning market Rina always tells me. There was a chicken foodshop with slogan”rasanya nggak kalah sama yang di mal” hahaha. And we were buying lopis, some cakes, and Grontol for Rina’s mum. Grontol is made from corn.
We took around once again because Rina wanted to show me her JHS. SMP 3 Purbalingga. And also through Alon alon and Kantor Bupati.
Approximately 8 am we back to Rina’s home and got bath. After some activities, I accompanied Rina to Semarang through Banjarnegara – Wonosobo – Parakan (lunch) – Temanggung – Sumowono – Ungaran and Unnes. We took off at 9.30am and arrived at unnes at 3.15 pm.


  1. mangstab gan! btw nyong wong pbg deneng ra ngerti rs r guteng winadibrata? apa anu rs wirasana yah?

  2. @ Enyong :

    Lha piye kog ngga ngerti sama daerahe dewe? RS Goeteng kuwi yo RS Wirasana... hehehe... Wah, blm puas saya main main di Purbalingga.. kapan2 kesana lagi laaahhhh

    anyway thanks sudah mampir dan meninggalkan jejak disini..

  3. wkwkwkwkkw si mbalike apik temen? :isin
    hehe kapan2 mamapir lah

    yoi... keren kowh bloge rika kang!

    salam ngapakers! :D

  4. umahku mburi usman janatin city park kuwi kang..btw tak follow bloge ya? tpi folow balik yah?

  5. folback ke blogku seng

  6. wedewe,rina pacarmu wong purbalingga toh?

  7. @ Enyong : maturnuwun... wah, saya blm bisa ngapak2 .. hehehe
    @ reborn : wah.. rumahnya dulu dibelakang pasar kumuh sekarang di belakang taman yang indah ya...? :D
    ss : iya... bagaimana ??? hahaha


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