Tuesday, October 6, 2009

From Salatiga with Love

Bedroom @ night, October, 5th 2009
I want to tell you about a girl that now days, she becomes the new one makes my world better.
Thursday, September 1st 2009
That time, I went to Salatiga City to met my client at The City Government Office. I met Mrs. Santy and I was repairing her program of time management by fingerprint for the personnel of her office. The trouble was not so bad, so I just spent not more than a hour to finished it. @ Ms. Santi’s office, there were two girls that clerk there. The one has a long straight hair, and the one has a curly hair. I was not so felt wanted to introduce my self that time. No much time for moment like this during my work hour. This all finished and I had to go to the BKD office. I needed to meet my client too there. The machine was broken. But I couldn’t repair there. So I just said that I would back again to borrow them my new machine during the service for their machine.
The sun was going above my head. That was the time for me to pray. I went to mosque behind the office but I met the girls that clerk. I feel that the one between them was cute enough. But once again, I have not much time like this during my work. I finished my prayed and planed to go other place. But I met that girls again. And they seems like peculiar in front of me. Ha ha ha
Friday September, 2nd 2009
In the morning I messaged ms Santy and wanted to ask for the girls at her office. She was laughing and maybe feel not fine with me. But after a few messaging, she gave me the phone number of that girls. Ha ha ha …… then, I want to try acquaintance with her. And the result was good.
Time passed by time, I have knew much about her so does her. And we plan to walk together next time.

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