Friday, October 9, 2009

From Last Month

Bedroom on Morning, September 23rd , 2009
This world is too morning. I have to wake up early cz I have to go my office today. This is the 4th day of Idul Fitri. In my mind, I wanna get more holiday for today but cause there is preparation for robotic competition at Bali next week so I must help my other friends at office. This will be better than I just stay at home and feel peculiar with my friends.
I have gone to Tifany’s home yesterday. I have no idea and feel not good at home so I thought to go Tifany’s. in the morning I messaged her and said that I would come after lunch. I took a bath at in the middle of the day. And prepared for all then went to her soon. I felt no empty stomach so I didn’t need to got lunch. I just went and took the journey but in fact,at the avenue, there was jammed up cause there was at idul fitri session. From ngrajek to Mungkid City. About 4 kilometers there was many cars traped on.
After Mungkid City, the traveling was more fluently, I didn’t need to be more care. After 20 minutes on the way, I arrived at tiffanys’. A long time I have not much time to meet her. I feel missing her so much. She was out of home and responded me to enter the room. She made a cup of red drink. It was syrup. She was more clean. Her skin was more white and more smooth. Her hair was so beautiful. She was beautiful yesterday in front of me.
We were speaking about anything since we have met about 9 month ago and no meet again a long time. She told to me about her school activities and told to me about her boy friend that I felt she was cut. Their love was cut! Hehe.. Yesterday I felt she was still like the time ago went I have so many times just with her and spend the time together. I was still felt this love inside my heart. We were talking anything till the 3.30 pm and I have said goodbye cause the weather was not good and I felt enough time within her.
My plan is take a time together with her next weekend. Hope this be come true!

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