Friday, August 20, 2010

First dating with Hanna :), Indonesian Anniversary 2010

Office, august 19 2010

First time I knew her when she was an employee of my office, and she was so small I think, but when someday passed by, I knew for her mobile number and I just asked for a few questions about the job. And then I knew that she was as same as graduate as my ex. Gf. Hahaha
So I felt wanted to know much about her. Days by days passed so I made a plan for having lunch with her but the time was never compromised. And it just such a small risks of my generally ways to love woman (halah):p
When it was a holiday of this month that was an anniversary of Indonesian, so I spent for made a dating to her. And it was a not good enough time because I had gone to Semarang and Salatiga at the same day so I felt rather tired inside.
Tuesday, august 17 2010 at 4.30 pm, I went to her home and found she was so cute with her pink shirt but its like a childish wear I think :p, a grey pencil jeans and a pair of black cute shoes. She didn’t tie her hair so her hair that rather curly scattered down of she’s neck with a cross and the Jesus necklace.
I met her parents and we were ready to go. So I promised to took her go within me. We were down to the street and we went to the town square. We were not have much time and we couldn’t be more narcissism there. And here are some documentation.

And the time said that we had to go to my favorite meatball. That was Corner Meatball. So I took her riding my smash to the place and we ate meatball. She was accompanying me for opening my fasting.
After all done, I took to her home and had to say goodbye with her parents and Hana too.
Nice day within her. :)


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