Monday, October 11, 2010

10 - 10 - 10 moments

It was a bright morning. Yes, today I have to meet her and him to discuss about us. Like you knew that we have some problems about, so it is the chance to fix it.

Morning, at 8 am, I took off from my home and enjoy a nice journey. 10 am, I got green house that she was watching tv. I love her very much and we spent the time waiting of him.

We are just as the time before although some weirdo came. Hahaha . and waiting till the dhuhur pray so I pray together with her inside her room. And never forget to had lunch. So we go to IDOLA PRASMANAN ate egg rice and she ate always with meatballs. Nyam nyam..

The time was running out. We were going to dicky’s dormitory. And it was a girly room and girly boy. Oh no! he always wanted to hug me, kiss me, hahaha. I was so afraid!

2 pm, my time is over. I had to back Magelang. And arrive at Ungaran, she was calling me and I don’t wanna turn to back. Its about the time, baby. Is there that I am a mistake maker? Or he? Or you?

I prefer to back 1 pm but I tried to loyal. But, it was a not good attitude of him.

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