Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friendship grow more with the passing time

I never think this to be true, but anything have happened. I just have to stop thinking and never wanna be like this anytime future.
The days are passing slowly since i know that she was a rather peculiar. But I always believe that it's just be like this and will never broke my heart like now.
This is about the endless story of us, we are best friend. And as you know friendship is forever hopefully. Is so hard to make it? I always feel that we are the one and united by a strong partnership/friendship Now i know that is it so hard to let you with him. Its so painful inside, but I believe I can even I have to pass this slowly days, this endless rain, because I just need you to stop the rain.
He is coming onto us and we never make it true. We just do all and never care about him. Yes, because I know I don't know much of him. But, the really was not good. It was a knife cut my heart and I always think that I am going dead. No, I don't wanna die because of love!

It was all done, I dont wanna be like this, I am a man, and I am strong to fight. I just never think of your promise to let us going some outside and going wildest dreams..
The blood tears was falling of him because of me.. because a man always hang up the girl..
hello friend, i am coming to have you happy and never be sad again because of me.
i know that will be much time for us to keep an endless day with our each true love and this friendship i hope will never end...

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