Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be with her, October 24th 2010

Sunday October 24th 2010

This is a bright day. I have to go the capital town of central java to meet Rina. Yes, I am so miss her and its so peculiar. Hahaha

Take off from my home at 8 am and arrive there at 10 am. I enter the green house and find her in the kitchen that she was cooking. I put off my helmet in her room and help her with her friend named Septy. They are cooking some terong and rice. After it s all done, they are eating and I ask for Rina’s. hehehe

The time is running and we have to spend the time together. So we just make some stories, and then we pray dhuhur together. And then go to a place that we can enjoy the time.. buy two cups of juices and then back to the home. We are sleep and I wait for the time to go home. We discuss about our relationship and partnership and we are agree that we will be in a relationship! Yes I am with her since October 24th 2010 and I hope to love her with all my heart. Always love her..

Rina is making a fried noodle when I wish to go home. So I wait for her and then we eat together. At 5 pm, I go home and get my home at 7 pm. Oh, it’s a beautiful day!

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