Thursday, December 13, 2012

What An Apa Apaan Nite? Apa Aja Boleeh

#5.30 pm
Her : I can go out with you
Me : Yes, I will be there about 6.30 pm

#6.30 pm
Me : Please go out, I am waiting
Her : Just go to 428 room

So I entered the hotel, search for motor parking, and lift took me to 4th floor that I can wait in a small beautiful lobby. A cup of coffee was served by her friend while she took a bath. Not a long time, she go out with a pink hijab and black inside, purple long t shirt, jeans, brown sandals, and brown side bag.

We were going to pick her order. 6 gift for the recall memorial about her last two months PKL in Semarang.  In our journey she talked anything about this town! Dan dia mengomentari Patung Diponegoro berkuda  yang yang katanya sakit hati gara gara dikenal sebagai Patung Kuda. Hahahaha. Iki anake sopooo lucu tenan?

#7.50 pm
She took her money after two month couldn’t access her card :P

#8 pm
We were arriving at the store, pick the order. And sebenernya selesai sudah… daan

Banana dinner . Ha ha ha . Dan apaan sih. Pake ada acara terhenti di Jembatan karena kakinya kesemutan. And I had to wait her . Couldn’t do anything to help.

#9 pm
She stopped me at Gombel. She interested what a beautiful night city light. I was never there before dan dia kerasan sekali sampe nggak mau diajak pulang. Hahaha

#9.30 pm
I took her some city tour to Banjirkanal Barat, Poncol, Kota Lama and back to Pandanaran

#10.15 pm
We arrived back to her room, but we need to go out again to buy some logistics left

#10.30 pm
Good night. I had to go home!

It's the woman!
Jadi ceritanya waktu itu saya 'terpaksa' mengantar mbak Tika Laksmita Atmana untuk mengambil beberapa barang pesenan. Dia masih buta peta Semarang dan... Terjadilah insiden tersebut diatas..

What an apa apaan nite? Apa aja boleehhhh :D

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